How to Create a New Note from a Previous Note | RaceNote

How to Create a New Note from a Previous Note

  • First, you will want to select an existing note. Search for it by entering the Title or Track name (highlighted by the green arrow). Or, you can scroll through your notes to find the one you want (highlighted by the green box).

  • Once you have selected the note you want to copy, go to the round that has the setup you want to create a new note from (highlighted by the green box).

  • After you have selected the correct round, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner (highlighted by the green arrow).

  • Once you press the blue plus sign, you will be brought to the event information page. Here, you will want to fill out the required information (highlighted by the green arrows).

  • After you have filled out the event information, click the save button (highlighted by the big green arrow).

  • Your note will now be created. You should see it on the left side (highlighted by the green arrow). This note will have the setup information from the note you copied it from.